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Importing and Marketing

We import and market plant protection products and seeds from leading multinational companies that are in the forefront of agricultural research and development. Such companies include Syngenta, BASF, Valent (Sumitomo), Nufarm and others. They also benefit from our standing as a manufacturer of pest control products and other preparations.

Know-How manufacturing agreements

With some of these multinationals we have know-how agreements to locally manufacture their plant protection products for the Israeli market. Such products, as well as our own brands, are formulated by our own subsidiary, Dr Meron Chemical Works.

Having this production capability (as well as the flexibility to adjust the size of packaging, formulation and labeling for the local market) gives us a significant competitive advantage.

Our production plant complies with ISO 9002 standards and the requirements of the Israeli Ministry of the Environment. We are also about to receive certification for Global Green Standards ISO 14000.