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Agrica - the Agricultural Division


Agrica, the Agricultural Division, is primarily involved with representing international companies in the forefront of agricultural research and development. We import, register, market and distribute plant protection products, fertilizers, plant growth regulators and seeds.

For over 100 years we have been a focus of experience, knowledge and expertise in the agricultural community.

Our commitment to the concept of “Safe and Healthy from Seed to Fruit” has served Israel’s farmers, food processors, food chains and consumers .

Skilled agronomists 

Agrica agronomists are involved in the development and implementation of a wide range of solutions in plant protection, while complying with the demands of EUREPGAP and the various food chain stores standards. In the seeds business, they test various crops and varieties for their suitability to Israel’s conditions.  All our agronomists hold academic degrees in agriculture .

Agrica's venture capital fund

AgriNation invests and actively supports Israeli innovative agritech and food tech entrepreneurs aspiring to solve the world's food security challenges. Together with keen entrepreneurs, smart investors and a global network we are developing an industry and ecosystem that will advance us in securing food for the world. AgriNation leverages lucrative technological opportunities and a diverse portfolio of Israeli agritech innovative ventures, mainly by:

  • Funding the Gap: AgriNation targets early stage ventures with proven technology currently in their pre-commercial phase.
  • Investment Focus: Precision agriculture, plant protection, aquaculture, post-harvest and food tech are our main focus areas.
  • Innovation Focus: Investments are selected based on proven innovative technology.
  • Smart funds delegation: The Agrination team contributes its cumulative experience and leverages its expansive networks in order to enable its portfolio affiliation companies towards achieving their business and technological objectives and penetrate both new local and global markets.